On the savanna the sable roam

We love game.

Sable, roan, buffalo, eland, lechwe and many species more. At Gariep Eco Reserve you can experience being close to exotic game, free to feed on the plains of our savanna. Here they grow and breed and  live.

To ensure conservation, we believe in letting nature do the work. Naturally. That’s why you won’t see high electric fences and predator traps on our farms. Our established holistic philosophy about how to be one with nature means following the rhythm of the open veld.


Our blue blood roan bloodline started with Big Boy (then 6 years old), Merlin and Arthur (both of them then 2 years old). Merlin grew to 34” and Arthur grew to 32”
  • From Arthur came King Arthur (32”)
  • From Merlin came Majestic (34,5”) and Moena (35” – currently owned by the Crous brothers)
  • From Majestic were born Masseur (currently 32” at 4,4 years) and Raphael (currently our breeding bull – 31,5” at 4,2 years)



Our breeding program originally started with Kruger bloodline cows on which we used bulls of East African bloodlines
  • Two breeding bulls extensively used were Hitler, son of the well-known bull Monster (owned by Cyril Rhamaposa), and Stalin from an Ugandan bloodline
  • Our current breeding bull is one of the most exceptional bulls in the industry, namely The Beast. He has a 46” spread at 5 years of age, with an SCI of 142! He was bred from East African, Madikwe and Kruger bloodlines



Livingstone Eland



  • Zambian
  • Matetsie
  • Tanzanian




  • Copper springbuck
  • White springbuck
  • Black springbuck
  • Normal springbuck (Damaraland bloodline)





We are blessed to have an exceptional breeding bull that comes from the bloodline of the well-known Master Jack (47”). Our bull already measured 42” at 3 years of age




Golden Oryx